Islamic Women Clothing – A Supreme Injunction

One of the main thingsthat differentiate Muslims from Non-Muslims is the dress code imposed by the religion of Islam. Both, Muslim men and women are bound to this unique dress code. For Muslim women, there is a strict order by Allah to cover their bearings and abstain from displaying their beauty. The sole reason for this rigid order is to dignify the status of women in Islamic society and provide them with a respectful status in front of men.

abaya islamic clothing muslim women large msg 1337771412421 Islamic Women Clothing   A Supreme InjunctionAs woman is considered to be the most likened creature on the Earth, she appeals to the audience in every manner. Her outfit is the main source of attention and therefore, in order to refrain from catching eyes of the spectators, she is ordained to practice hijab or veil. The order of Purdah for women is under certain circumstances as revealed at many areas by the Holy Quran. As per these revelations, Muslim women are allowed to dress conservatively only in front of their husbands, sons, in-laws, brothers and other blood relatives.  A lot of revelations are there in the Holy Quran that provides evidence to the practice of Purdah. It is bounding to every woman who has reached the age of maturity or is close to it.

Muslim clothing for women Islamic Women Clothing   A Supreme InjunctionA lot of ambiguity is created by people in the matter of Islamic women clothing. Some call it rigidity as most of Muslims do, whenever any Islamic imposition is made upon them that do not suit their lifestyle or they find difficult to carry out. No doubt, modern believing women are also going through the same phase. Women belonging to rich societies are often unaware of this commandment. Even those who are blessed with the idea of hijab, try to creep away from it because they find it arduous to keep their beauty hidden.The result is the unimaginable exploitation of women along with our Islamic culture.

Islamic women clothing possesses several other names like naqab, burqa and scarf. The practice of purdah is being carried out in the west as well. However, foreign ministries have laid stress to ban this act. Different legislations have been created by countries of the west to put a stop to this practice. Some countries have just put a ban on wearing masks which also applies to naqab, while some countries have set mandatory limits to the use of anything that symbolizes the religion of Islam. Due to these limitations, the adherents of Islam are facing serious problems regarding religious matters and concerns.

Islam is a pure religion and therefore provides purity to its followers. There are a lot of benefits with purdah; a woman applying perfume and walking down the streets becomes the sole object of interest for the spectators, or in almost all cases, for men. While the one covered completely with hijab is most likely to be respected. Purdah also eliminates sexual harassment which is emerging as one of the biggest evils in the society.May Allah provide us the ability and strength to carry out his orders!
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